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Certificado de  CALIDAD


The partners of Piñones de Castilla, were marked as objective , hard look alter his business indoors and outdoors, so the product can be hired and served with regularity and optimal conditions intrinsic packaging.

In this sense picasa has been formed as a lever projection of famous and prestigious developed in Castilla with the old system to extend pineapples in the sun for its maturation.
This system known by the name can only castilla , give the pine nuts a wealth far greater than that obtained by producers in other regions . This process of preparing the pine kernel is complemented by the conditions of the Castilian-dry climate and strong-frost, give the fruit taste peculiar while pineapples are open to the sun, the latitude of the plateau provide a very dry environment conducive to this process.

The Castilian pine kernel is very rich in protein and enjoys a high acceptance on the world market owing to their highly aromatic and tasteful, and contain a high percentage of fatty acids , proteins and vitamins.
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