"Castilla's GOLD: the pine nut with a unique taste"


PIÑONES DE CASTILLA S.A. (PICASA) was established in Pedrajas de San Esteban (Valladolid), on 13th of April, 1985, as a result of the need to associate that arose among Castilian pine nut producers, motivated by the crisis facing the sector and by the great dependence that for its marketing, primarily in the foreign market, had the great Catalan industry, located mainly in Reus and Granollers.


At that time, Castilian producers suffer from dependence on the marketing of their products, since, due to the economic recession, Catalan exporters only sell products of their own production, to the detriment of Castilian products.

Under the guidance of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid, starting in early 1985, the necessary steps were taken to bring together a group that would represent the majority of pine nut producers in the region.

There are basically 27 producers in the region who constituted the company.

After this moment, PIÑONES DE CASTILLA S.A. sets as a priority objective to open markets abroad to cover that important area that until then was covered by Catalan firms. After a few first years with poor results, during the nineties the company was consolidating in the market, obtaining in 1997 the Europe Award as businessman of the year, currently maintaining commercial relations with countries as diverse as Italy, France, Belgium, England, Israel, USA, Germany and Switzerland among others.

With a turnover exceeding 8 million euros, and with more than 60% of the production destined for the foreign market, it reaches a market share of approximately 30%, and it is the second exporting company at the national level, having expanded the number of partners up to 53.




First Spanish company in the sector with the ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate. In 2004 the company invested strongly in machinery to meet market demands and increase production by 40%.

In 2007, PIÑONES DE CASTILLA S.A. is not only committed to providing a quality product, but also safe for the consumer, so it embarked on a project for introducing a Food Safety Management system based on the Standard ISO 22000: 2005 Standard, which culminated the 31st of October, with obtaining the Certificate.

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