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By signing this Manual, PIÑONES DE CASTILLA, S.A. Management undertakes to implement and maintain the Food Safety Management System based on the ISO 22000: 2018 Standard and supported by this document, as well as to ensure for the achievement of continuous improvement, its effectiveness and offering guarantees of food safety.

To provide evidence of this commitment, Management communicates to the organization the importance of satisfying both customer and legal and regulatory requirements, establishes the Food Safety Policy, ensures that the objectives of the system are established and that they are carried out. Reviews by Management ensuring the availability of resources..

PIÑONES DE CASTILLA, S.A. has established specific objectives and goals to be achieved which, once measured, facilitate continuous improvement in its organization and in its Food Safety Management System. 

Food Safety Policy:

PIÑONES DE CASTILLA, S.A.  is a company dedicated to the selection, shelling and peeling of pine nuts and wholesale of peeled pine nuts. In order to satisfy its customers, ensure the food safety of its manufacturers, facilitating greater transparency with the consumer. To make this objective a reality, the PIÑONES DE CASTILLA SA Management expresses its firm intention to implement and keep updated a Food Safety Management System based on the guidelines of the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2018 and FSSC 22000, managing the processes, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, achieving expected results and adopting the continuous improvement methodology.

The management of the processes and the system as a whole is achieved using the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) cycle, with a global approach to risk-based thinking,aimed at seizing opportunities and preventing unwanted results.

The Management transmits this Food Safety Policy, based on the following general lines of action:

    • Guarantee food safety and innocuousness, adjusting to the existing regulations and legislation, thus showing their responsibility towards customers.
    • Create an ever closer link with the client, the suppliers, the subcontractors, the final consumer, the Competent Authority and all the members of the chain, constantly improving the external communication mechanisms, thus guaranteeing the safety of the product at all times. throughout the entire food chain. This approach is developed in a transparent manner, engaging all stakeholders and enabling them to make effective contributions to further advances in food security.
    • Offer staff all the resources and training necessary for the proper performance of work, as well as for compliance with all aspects related to quality and food safety.
    • Improve the Productive System, providing the facilities with the necessary means to guarantee compliance with current legislation and improve the quality and safety of the products produced..
    • The continuous increase in the competitiveness of the organization and the maximum satisfaction of our clients.
    • Achieve exhaustive traceability of our product, the principle of “farm to fork”.
    • Put in place all the necessary devices to guarantee the “Food Defense”; avoiding sabotage and possible terrorist attacks. 

As an extension of the above, we define ten basic principles to be known and developed by all the personnel of PIÑONES DE CASTILLA, S.A.

These principles are:

    • Food quality and safety refers to all activities.
    • Food quality, hygiene and safety is a responsibility individual.
    • Satisfy the internal customer.
    • Emphasize prevention.
    • Promote the participation and collaboration of all members of the food chain.
    • Commit to a job well done and continuous improvement.
    • Promote and promote teamwork.
    • Involve the components of the food chain in the process of improvement and guaranteeing food safety.
    • Promote information, internal and external communication and growth.
    • Satisfy the client in quality, cost and term.

Celestino Muñoz,  as Manager of PIÑONES DE CASTILLA, S.A, I assume responsibility for compliance with the guidelines expressed in this Food Safety Manual, having the power to implement the corrective actions that he deems appropriate for this. In addition, I am committed to meeting all requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System.

I am responsible for ensuring that the Food Safety Policy is known, understood, accepted, applied and reviewed, at all levels of the organization.

Valladolid, November 30, 2020
Fdo: Celestino Muñoz

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